Group Benefits is a specialty Gietl & Strutz Insurance, Inc. has specialized in since 1985.  This field is a specialty because Employer Sponsored Benefits are ever changing, just as the business models of our clients are ever changing.  At Gietl & Strutz we take great pride in keeping ourselves informed of the latest information and best products available.  We listen to the wants and needs of our clients and help them find their best solution to meet, or exceed, those wants and needs.

There is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to an Employer Benefit Package.  The package fitting a company today may not be the best option available next year.  In understanding our clients, we are afforded the opportunity to advise, consult, and grow with them as their business grows and changes.  As a result, Employer Groups have entrusted Gietl & Strutz Insurance with their Benefits for over 25 years.

Frequently asked questions by employers include;

1. How does the Health Care Reform Law impact me?

2. Am I required to provide COBRA coverage?

3. What is an FSA, HSA, and HRA?

4.Is my company large enough to self-insure?

5. Am I getting the most benefit for my premium dollar?

6. Should my company have an online enrollment system?

7. Is there a way to cut costs and still provide quality benefits?

At Gietl & Strutz Insurance, Inc. we have the answers to your Employer Sponsored Benefit Packages, whether you have 2 employees or 200-plus.

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